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All information on the Website is provided by the service provider for the Website, Alacomia Ltd., Loutrakiou, 5, 2027, Nicosia, Cyprus (postal address: Loutrakiou, 5, 2027, Nicosia, Cyprus). Portions of the Terms of Use that contain the pronouns “we”, “us”, “our”, or the word “Company” are not related to the aforementioned company with which you are entering into an agreement.


The Company reserves the right to change, modify, or update any part of the Terms of Use for a number of reasons, including commercial reasons, legal reasons (to comply with new laws and/or regulations), or reasons related to customer service. Updates to the Terms of Use, as well as their effective dates, are available on the Website. We will notify you of changes, additions, or updates to the Terms of Use by posting the latest version of them directly on the Website. The Player is solely responsible for understanding all of these Terms of Use. We encourage players to check these updates regularly. The Company has the right, without prior notice and at its sole discretion, to make changes to the operating system of the Website, as well as to the terms of service or to the software. In addition, in accordance with current legislation, the Company has the right to make changes to the requirements for accessing the Website or using its services.

If you disagree with the aforementioned changes, you may stop using the Website and/or close your account in accordance with clause 17 of these Terms of Use. Your continued use of any part of the Website after any change to these Terms of Use will automatically constitute your acceptance of such changes to the Terms of Use, including any additions, deletions, replacements, or other changes to the Company identification information as stated in clause 2.1 of these of the Terms of Use, regardless of whether or not you have received or read the relevant notices regarding revision of the Terms of Use.


If you are under the age of 18 or under the legal age for participating in gambling in accordance with the laws of the jurisdiction applicable to you (“Eligible Age”), you may not use the services provided on the Website. By using the services available on the Website, a person who has not reached the Eligible Age violates the Website’s Terms of Use. We reserve the right to request proof of age from you at any time in order to ensure that individuals who have not reached the Eligible Age, as stipulated by the laws of the country in which they reside, do not use the services provided by the Website. The Company has full legal grounds for closing your account and/or refusing to provide services if no proof of age is provided or if the Company suspects that a person under the legal age is using the Website.

In some jurisdictions, online gambling may be prohibited by law. In this case, you understand and accept the fact that the Company will never and under no circumstances give you legal advice and/or guarantee the legality of using the services offered by the site. It is important to keep in mind that the Company does not claim that using the Website’s services is legal under the laws and regulations of your jurisdiction. Your use of the Website is at your sole judgment and discretion, and you are responsible for determining whether your use of the services offered by the Website is legal under the laws and regulations of your jurisdiction.

The Company does not intend to provide you with services that are outside the laws and regulations of your jurisdiction. You hereby represent, warrant, and agree to ensure that your use of the services offered by the Website complies with the applicable laws and regulations of your jurisdiction. The Company is not responsible for any illegal or unauthorized use of the services offered by the sites.

In addition, you are prohibited from creating an account with the Company and/or making a deposit if you reside in the United Kingdom, Germany, Georgia, the Netherlands, the Caribbean islands of: Aruba, Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, Saba, Curaçao, St. Maarten, Portugal, Slovakia, the United States of America, France, Austria, Belgium. The merchant service company ( will not process transactions for customers from restricted areas. The Company has the right to change the list of jurisdictions without prior notice. In turn, you accept the obligation to not open an account and/or to not use it if you are located within the territory of one of the aforementioned jurisdictions.

You are solely responsible for all taxes and fees on any winnings paid out to you as a result of using the services offered by the Website. If your winnings or losses are subject to taxation by local tax, legislative, or other institutions, then you are responsible for reporting them to the appropriate authorities.


In order to use the services provided by the Website, you must create an account (hereinafter referred to as the “Personal Account”). To do so, enter your email address or phone number and a password that will be used in the future to log on to the system, as well as to access certain personal information (your date of birth, name, and phone number).

By registering on the Website, you agree to provide accurate, complete, and true personal information. You are required to notify us of any changes to your personal information. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in restrictions, rejection of transactions (on winnings, bonuses, etc.) and/or termination of your Personal Account.

To verify your personal information, the Company reserves the right to request identification documents and/or request identification via video. The Company reserves the right to suspend your Personal Account until the required documents are provided and/or completely terminate your account if you do not provide the requested documentation to the Company.

If you have any questions or encounter any problem related to registration or updating personal data, please contact the online customer support or send an email to [email protected].

Under these Terms of Use, you may open only one account on the Website. Only one account per player, home address, IP address, postal address, computer, or other device is allowed. All other accounts registered by you on the Website are “Duplicate Accounts”. The Company reserves the right to immediately delete Duplicate Accounts.

The Casino does not accept requests for the return of any money and/or initial deposits from a duplicate game account if it was opened with the intention to receive bonuses and/or other promotional offers from the Casino or to withdraw the initial deposit placed by the Player. Furthermore, if the Casino determines that a duplicate game account has been created with the intent to defraud the Casino, the original deposits will not be returned to the Player.

When registering on the Website, users agree to receive correspondence from it and agree to receive text messages, email newsletters, and other forms of promotional notifications. The Website uses player information for promotional purposes. We respect the privacy of our clients. Players who do not wish to receive promotional materials can opt out of receiving text and email messages at any time by contacting the operator.


In consideration of the right to use all the services of the Website granted to you, you warrant, represent, and agree to the following:

  1. You are the legal owner of all funds deposited in your Personal Account. All information provided by you during the registration process or while using the services of the Website, as well as in all transactions that require depositing money, is accurate, current, and fully matches the name(s) on the credit and/or debit cards and other payment accounts used to deposit or withdraw funds from your Personal Account.
  2. You are fully aware of the risks of losing money when using the services provided by the Website, and you assume responsibility for such losses. You agree that the use of the Website’s services is at your sole judgment and discretion, and at your own risk. You may not file any claims against the Company in connection with your losses.
  3. You fully understand the Website’s operating procedures, its methods of providing services, and the rules of the games offered by the Website. You understand that it is your responsibility to provide accurate betting and gaming information. You will not take actions that could damage the Company and its reputation.

By accepting these Terms of Use, you hereby authorize us to perform, at our sole discretion, periodic checks upon request of third parties (including regulatory authorities) and/or to verify your identity and contact information (hereinafter referred to as “Verification”).

During such verifications, the Company may restrict withdrawals from your account.

Providing incomplete, false, inaccurate, and/or misleading information is considered a breach of contract. In this case, at our sole discretion, in addition to any other actions, we reserve the right to immediately terminate your Personal Account and/or deny you further use of Website services and/or withhold all funds in your Personal Account.

If we are unable to verify that you have reached the Eligible Age, we have all legal grounds to terminate your Personal Account on the Website. If we discover that you have not reached the Eligible Age at the time of playing:

  1. Your Personal Account will be terminated.
  2. All transactions made during this period of time will be declared void, and all relevant funds deposited by you to your Personal Account will be returned.
  3. It will not be possible to refund funds not deposited through the Website and/or through the website of the provider of payment processing services.
  4. All bets placed by you during this period of time will be canceled and refunded.
  5. The sum of all winnings collected by you during the period when you have not yet reached the Eligible Age will be forfeited, and you must, upon our request, return to us the funds withdrawn from your account during that period of time.
  6. If the date of birth you set in your Personal Account is not your true date of birth, no refunds of spent funds will be possible.


It is your responsibility to ensure that all of the information regarding the transaction you are making is correct before placing and confirming a bet while playing.

Withdrawal transaction history can be accessed by clicking on the “Withdrawal Request” link on the Website.

The Company reserves the right to reject, in whole or in part, any transaction you have requested through the Website, at its sole discretion, if you have violated the Terms of Use. No transaction can be considered accepted until you receive confirmation from us that the transaction has been successfully completed. If you have not received confirmation that your transaction has been accepted, contact our support team.

You may request cancellation of a bet by sending a request via email to the Website’s support team.


You may not withdraw funds from your bonus balance. When you deposit your personal funds, they will be added to your “cash balance”. You can withdraw any amount from the cash balance, but in doing so you will lose the remaining amount on your bonus balance. Please note: by creating a withdrawal request, you automatically forfeit all activated bonuses. Even if your payment request is rejected for one reason or another, the balance will not be restored!

Please make sure that you have carefully read all the terms and conditions related to bonuses.

Please note that once you have accepted a casino bonus and, by using the bonus, collected winnings in excess of $5,000, we reserve the right to limit such claims to a maximum of $5,000 in any seven-day period.

The minimum deposit amount: 50 RUB, 1 EUR, 1 USD, 20 UAH, 300 KZT, 5 BRL, 7 TRY, 20 MXN, 5 PLN, 400 HUF, 2 BGN, 10 SEK, 130 JPY, 1,300 KRW, 2 AUD, 10 NOK, 5 RON, 3 BYN, 1 CAD, 12,500 UZS.

The minimum withdrawal amount: 1,000 RUB, 15 EUR, 15 USD, 385 UAH, 5,700 KZT, 75 BRL, 150 TRY, 300 MXN, 68 PLN, 5,700 HUF, 29 BGN, 150 SEK, 2,000 JPY, 20,000 KRW, 30 AUD, 150 NOK, 75 RON, 50 BYN, 30 CAD, 30,000 UZS.


A wager is the amount of bets that a player needs to make in order to receive bonus money and to enable subsequent withdrawal.

A wager on a deposit is the amount of bets that a player needs to make in order to enable subsequent withdrawal of funds. Vavada casino has a 3-time wagering requirement on deposit.


You will never incur catastrophic losses playing at the online casino. Our players are insured against large losses by the cashback function.

Cashback provides compensation in the amount of 10% of the amount of money lost during the entire time from the moment of registration. The amount of loss is calculated as the difference between the total amount of bets and winnings. If the winnings exceed the total amount of bets, then no cashback is provided. Payment is made automatically on the 1st day of each month. The cashback calculation formula is as follows: (all debits – all credits) x 10% – total amount of cashback previously paid.

The cashback is credited to the player on the condition that the amount of bets exceeds the amount of winnings for the reporting period. The reporting period is counted from the date of accrual of the last cashback.

You can activate cashback or decline it at any time through the self-service interface in the player’s profile. When cashback is activated, the amount is credited to the bonus balance and all subsequent bets are taken into account in wagering. You can withdraw cashback by wagering 5x.

The validity period of non-activated cashback is 14 days.


In our casino, each new player can receive a certain number of free spins upon registration. A free spin is a slot spin where no money is deducted from the player’s balance. The number of free spins is determined by the casino administration. This bonus is given only once, immediately upon registration of a new player who does not have any other accounts with the casino. Free spins are awarded at the minimum bet, regardless of the currency chosen by the player. It is not necessary to make a deposit to receive free spins.

Winnings received after using free spins are credited to the player’s bonus account. To connect this balance, you must activate it in the “Bonuses” tab. Winnings from free spins are subject to a mandatory wagering requirement. The 20x wagering requirement is applied to the entire amount. The wagering requirement can be met provided that you wager the bonus with real money. The wagering process is available for any slot. After the wagering requirements are fully met, you can make the money received from free spins available for withdrawal. If the rules were violated, or the amount was not fully wagered, then the bonuses will be voided upon withdrawal of funds.


You must not use any offensive or threatening language or images, and you must not swear or threaten, harass, or insult any member of the Website community or any other players.

You may not upload content to the Website that may cause the Website to malfunction, and you may not take any action that may affect the operation of the Website, including but not limited to releasing and/or distributing malicious software or viruses. Spam and mass mailing of any kind are prohibited. In addition, you must not interfere with, remove, or otherwise alter any information on the Website.

You may use the Website’s services for your own entertainment only. You may not copy the information from the Website or any part thereof without written consent of the Company.

You agree to not hack or harm the Website, to not attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Website, nor to otherwise attempt to circumvent the Website’s security. In the event of an attempt on your part to circumvent the security system or software, we will immediately terminate your access to the Website and suspend your Personal Account. We reserve the right to report this to the relevant authorities.

We shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused to you or any third party as a result of defects in information technology software due to hacker attacks, viruses, or other harmful technological materials while using the Website or when following hyperlinks and downloading any materials from the Website.

It is forbidden to sell or transfer account information to other players, as well as to deliberately incur losses in order to enable subsequent transfer of funds to other players.


A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer each time you visit the Website. Cookies allow the Company to recognize you when you return to the Website. To enable the functionality of the Website, the Company uses “cookies”. You can learn more about managing and deleting cookies at Please note that deleting cookies associated with our Website may disable access to certain features of the Website or certain sections of the Website.


The Company will take all necessary steps to correct as soon as possible any system failures or errors that occur during play (failure in the normal operation of the game logic). We are not responsible for any failures in software or hardware technology caused by the equipment used by you or other players to access the Website, as well as for errors incurred by internet service providers.


When using the services of the Website, certain circumstances may arise in which a bet is accepted and winnings are paid out, but this happens as an error on the part of the Company. Under these circumstances, the Company reserves the right to cancel or limit such bets and winnings.

The use of funds erroneously deposited into your account for placing bets or for games may result in the cancellation by the Company of such bets and/or of winnings received using these funds. If payments have already been made for winnings from funds received in error, then these funds are considered to have been transferred to you on a trust basis. You must promptly return these funds to the Company upon request.

The Company, as well as our agents, employees, partners, and suppliers, are not responsible for any loss or damage, or loss of winnings, that occurs due to a mistake on your part or on our part.

Distributors, licensees of the Company, as well as the Company itself and its subsidiaries and affiliates, including all employees and managers, are not liable for any damages or losses incurred by the user due to misuse of information transmitted over the Internet or caused by interception of such information.


You assume the responsibility to compensate the Company for all claims, costs, and other expenses incurred in connection with a breach of the Terms of Use.

You agree to fully indemnify us for the defense of the Company, partners, and their respective companies, including officers, managers, and employees, against any claims, expenses, and any liability, including legal costs or other expenses incurred as a result of:

  1. Your violation of the Terms of Use.
  2. Your violation of the law by third parties.
  3. Access to the Website by another person using your identification information, with or without your permission.
  4. Collecting any winnings obtained in this way.

If you violate the Terms of Use, the Company has the right to:

  • Request that you cease the activity that violates the Terms of Use by sending you a notice (using your contact information);
  • Terminate your Personal Account to limit your ability to play games or place bets on the Website;
  • Block your Personal Account with or without prior notice;
  • Withhold winnings or bonuses received as a result of a material violation of the Terms of Use from your Personal Account


In using the data that it collects during your visits to the Website, the Company is committed to protecting the personal information it receives from you. We take our commitment to how we use your personal information very seriously. The Company processes personal information it receives from you in strict accordance with its privacy policy.

By providing personal information to the Company, you consent to the processing of your personal information by the Website administrator for the purposes set out in the Terms of Use, as well as in order to comply with regulatory or legal obligations.

In accordance with the Company’s policy, it is forbidden to disclose any personal information; only employees of the Company have access to personal information for the purposes of provision of services.

The Company keeps copies of all communications received from you, including emails, in order to ensure an accurate record of your personal information.


The Company shall not be liable for any failure or delay in performance of any of its obligations under the Terms of Use caused by events beyond our reasonable control (hereinafter referred to as “Force Majeure”) that may have adverse consequences; such events may include war, acts of God, civil unrest, data network failures, strikes, or hacking or DDOS attacks.

During a force majeure event, the Company’s work is suspended until the end of the Force Majeure event; therefore, the Company reserves the right to extend the deadlines for fulfilling its obligations. However, despite the Force Majeure, the Company will seek solutions that enable it to fulfill its obligations and, if possible, to end the Force Majeure event.


Customers from the United Kingdom, Germany, Georgia, the Netherlands, the Caribbean islands of: Aruba, Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, Saba, Curaçao, St. Maarten, Portugal, Slovakia, the United States of America, France, Austria, Belgium will not be allowed.

In addition to clause 34.1, all NetEnt games cannot be played or made available in the following territories: Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Angola, Cambodia, Ecuador, Guyana, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, Laos, Myanmar, Namibia, Nicaragua, North Korea, Pakistan, Panama, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sudan, Syria, Taiwan, Uganda, Yemen, Zimbabwe, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, France, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Romania, Spain, the United States of America, and United Kingdom.

Branded Game Territories:

  1. In addition to clause 34.2, games such as Guns & Roses, Jimi Hendrix, & Motörhead cannot be played or accessed in the following countries: Australia, Azerbaijan, China, India, Malaysia, Qatar, Russia, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, and Ukraine.
  2. Universal Monsters games (Frankenstein, the Bride of Frankenstein, Dracula, The Phantom of the Opera, Creature from the Black Lagoon, and The Invisible Man) CAN be played ONLY in the following countries: Andorra, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Norway, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Switzerland, Ukraine, Croatia, Macedonia, Turkey, Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Sweden.


Due to the ever-evolving and changing regulations on the prevention of criminal activity and money laundering, as well as on the financing of terrorism, our Company strictly adheres to anti-money laundering (AML) guidelines and procedures. The company’s clients must undergo the Due Diligence procedure and be subject to accounting.

Anonymous or “nominal” accounts are not permitted. Any existing anonymous accounts or accounts that are considered a pseudonym (“nom de plume”) or that have inconsistent or mismatched identification must, at the first opportunity, undergo due diligence in order to establish the identity and good faith of the account holder.

Online gambling may be illegal in the jurisdiction you are in; in this case, you are not authorized to use your payment card to complete the transaction.

The cardholder must be aware of the laws regarding online gambling in his or her country of residence.

The use of the services offered on the website by minors is prohibited.

The email address for complaints to the licensor: [email protected].

Alacomia Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Agent) is a payment processing provider. The Operating Agreement states that the Agent will assist in the development and promotion of the service in accordance with Online Betting Gaming through the website

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